Porcelain and Ceramic

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Porcelain & Ceramic Custom Showers in Lewisville, TX

Interested in porcelain and tile custom showers in Lewisville, TX? Tile is fashionable and practical with its natural look, beautiful designs and durability. Tile is available in an infinite number of colors, sizes, shapes and finishes, so there is no limit to the beautiful, personalized designs you can create.

With its timeless beauty and long-wearing durability, ceramic and porcelain tile flooring creates a unique look that’s as practical as it is personal.

It’s perfect in kitchens and baths where moisture resistance and easy maintenance are essential. And its impact and scratch-resistant properties make it ideal for family and recreation rooms that get heavy-duty use. Contact Design Floors for a flooring store in Lewisville, TX that you can trust.

Since color and design are so important in creating the right look for your home, Design Floors has taken special care to directly import products that offer the right blend of colors, sizes, textures and finishes to express your individuality. Design Floors offers a broad array of products, from 12” ceramic floor tiles to beautiful 20” porcelain products.

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We carry these major brands and more:

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