Site finished solid wood flooring

Unveiling the charm site-finished solid wood flooring


Discover the timeless beauty and enduring quality of site-finished solid wood flooring, a premium choice for homeowners seeking a personalized touch in their living spaces. Unlike prefinished options, site-finished solid hardwood flooring offers the unique advantage of being sanded, stained, and finished right on-site, providing a level of customization and craftsmanship that stands out in any home.

Understanding site-finished solid wood floors


Site-finished solid wood flooring refers to hardwood floors that are installed in their raw, unfinished state. Once laid, these wood floors are then sanded smooth, stained, and finished with a protective coating directly on the premises. This process allows for a more seamless and uniform appearance as the finish is applied to the entire floor surface, covering the seams between the boards.

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Benefits of site-finished solid hardwood flooring



  • Customization at its finest: One of the most significant advantages of site-finished solid wood flooring is the level of customization it offers. You can choose from various stains and finishes to match your décor perfectly. Whether you're looking for a specific shade or a unique sheen, site finishing provides the flexibility to create a truly personalized look.
  • Seamless beauty: Site finishing means the sealant is applied over the entire floor surface, not just individual planks. This results in a more uniform finish and helps to fill any gaps, reducing the accumulation of dust and debris. The result is a sleek, cohesive look that enhances the overall aesthetics of your space.
  • Longevity and durability: Site-finished solid wood floors are known for their longevity. The on-site finishing process often results in a stronger, more durable surface better suited to withstand daily wear and tear. With proper care, hardwood floors can last for decades, making them a wise investment for any home.
  • Refinishing potential: Another advantage of site-finished hardwood flooring is its refinishing potential. Over time, if your floor starts showing signs of wear, it can be sanded down and refinished, essentially providing you with a brand-new surface. This process can be repeated several times throughout the life of the floor, extending its longevity and maintaining its beauty.
  • Increases home value: Installing site-finished solid wood flooring can significantly increase the value of your home. Its timeless appeal, durability, and the luxurious feel it adds to a space make it a desirable feature for potential home buyers.


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Site-finished solid wood flooring is an excellent floor covering for homeowners looking to invest in their property's aesthetic and functional value. With its unparalleled customization options, seamless beauty, durability, and potential to boost home value, it stands as a testament to timeless elegance and practicality. When considering flooring options, the unique qualities of site-finished solid hardwood flooring make it a standout choice for any discerning homeowner. Design Floors is here for your flooring solutions. Our flooring store in Lewisville, TX, serves Flower Mound, TX, Highland Village, TX, Coppell, TX, Argyle, TX, and Lewisville, TX. Call today!